All Continuing Students

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Here are the steps for your enrolment in your scheduled date. Please be guided.

All Continuing students

1. Access the website (

2. Access the Student Portal.

3. Input your ID Number and your password. Click Sign In.

4. Go to Student and click My Enrolment.

5. Fill out the GAD Information and click continue.

6. Select the scholarship or grant that you are enjoying and click continue.

7. Select incoming year level.

8. Select type of Student (Regular or Irregular Student). If you are a Regular Student, you can select your block and if you are an Irregular Student, your institute will select your subjects for this semester. Click submit.

9. Click OK.

10. Constantly update your Enrolment Approval Status and wait until approved.

11. If your enrolment is already approved, you can view the courses you are enrolled in by clicking "View Courses".

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Important Announcement to New and Transferee Students