About the Office

The OJT, Placement and Alumni Office is concerned all of the On-the-Job training and Alumni matters. For OJT, the office is responsible for assigning student trainees sites paired with a well monitoring system. However, Alumni Office builds awareness, engagement and ultimately support for GADTC by offering program of value to alumni throughout their lives. It also serves as the liaison officer that coordinates with the alumni and conducts tracer studies.

A fervent and highly engaged OJT, Placement and Alumni community with lasting ties to GADTC

Commits to provide proactive and responsive programs and services to intensify and revitalize involvement of the GADTC alumni community in various undertakings and to sustain strategic industry partnership for employment opportunities.


  1. Office function/duties
    • Setting of OJT Standards, review and monitoring of OJT policies and processes and procedures;
    • Development and management of industry partners’ databases;
    • Recognition and monitoring of alumni organizations;
    • Planning, implementation and monitoring of alumni and placement programs and activities;
    • building and maintaining relationships with alumni, donors and sponsors
    • Performs other functions relating to accreditation, certification and recognition and others as assigned by higher authorities

  1. Goals
    • To acquaint the students formally to a real life work place environment
    • Provides a foundation to prepare students to work efficiently and productively
    • Provide a general work experience, where students can apply the skills previously acquired at the College and acquire new relevant skills
    • To promote and provide services for GADTC and its alumni that will encourage continuing growth, personally and professionally
    • To support a relationship between Alfonso’s and Alumni Association through monthly allowance program

  1. Products and Services
    • Alumni I.D cards
    • AAA Monthly Allowance Program
    • Alumni Bi- annual Homecoming
    • Job Fair
    • Multi- Sectoral Forum
    • Job Postings

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