Maricelle M. Nueva, DM

Vice President


Envisions to be the forerunner of innovation through perceptive planning, monitoring, capacity building and effective implementation of various research and extension - related programs and activities that build strong community engagement , linkages , corporate communication and promotion.


To provide a database to the College for decision-making, policy formulation, and development plans;

To facilitate the development and implementation of a relevant and a community-based researches;

To produce, disseminate, and publish quality research outputs and implement sustainable community extension programs through the active participation of faculty, personnel, and students;

To help increase the financial sustainability of the College.

Functions/Actual Duties

1. Works collaboratively with the President and other Vice- Presidents to provide leadership and long-term planning, analysis and college-wide institutional effectiveness program that includes strategic planning, outcomes assessment, and compliance to the requirements of accreditation bodies and other regulatory agencies

2. Provides strategic management and supervision to the offices of Research, Publication and Extension, Quality Management Development, Resource Generation & Linkages, OJT, Placement & Alumni, Development Training Center, College Statistician & Corporate Communication

3. Evaluates and makes recommendations on the College’s progress and effectiveness and ensure the College’s compliance with standards

4. Builds on the success of the office and continues to promote, strengthen and enhance a research culture within the College and fostering enthusiasm and motivation for research and extension

5. Maintains strong communications and information flows among the offices and institutes of the college

6. Perform other related duties as assigned by the College President

Products and Services

The GADTC Office of the VP Planning, Research and Extension offers services to its clients in the areas of:

  • Environmental Scanning

  • Mission, Vision, & Objectives (MVO) Setting

  • Strategic Planning/Operational Planning

  • Action Plan Development & Implementation

  • Outcomes Assessment/Program Review and Planning Workshop (PRPW)

  • Resource Allocation

  • Performance Commitment & Review (IPCR/OPCR)

OJT, Placement and Alumni Office

Ms. Elaine Y. Bandigan



GADTC Research and Development Center envisioned to produce quality research outputs towards the improvement and development of academes’ curriculum and instruction as well as society’s quality of life.


The office serves as a strategic lever of GADTC, research arm of the local government unit and research provider of industries through institutionalizing a research-driven culture with collaborative partnership of qualified and competent reseachers-faculty, staff and students.


The Research Office of Gov. Alfonso D. Tan College motivates the faculty in embracing and loving research. It hopes to train competent researchers in their field of specialization and to produce quality research for publicatiton. Further, it aids instruction and helps improve quality of life in the community.


Office Description

  1. Provide and implement research capability programs involving faculty, staff and students;

  2. Develop and implement Faculty Research Development Program;

  3. Evaluate and formulate development intervention, and enhancement programs based on quality research ouput;

  4. Serve as liaison office in the publication of faculty research both in local and referred journals and presentaion of researches in local, regional, national and international conferences;

  5. Provide quality research out-puts to institution, LGU, industry and community.

Linkages Office

Herbert C. Magsayo



GADTC Community and Academic Extension Services extends well-organized and functional extension programs and projects related to national, regional and local imperatives of development to transform people’s lives.


To provide services generated through research and technical studies for community adoption which will involve the institution’s various units in environment, disaster preparedness, entrepreneurship, values formation, health and sanitation, education, recreation, and gender and development.


  1. To develop and implement a viable CAES Program for the College;

  2. To enhance the delivery of CAES to target clientele;

  3. To improve the quality of life in the adopted community;

  4. To meet the needs of faculty, staff and students in literacy trainings and development on key areas.


Office Description

CAESO acts as the college arm in directly reaching to the people in the community. It takes the lead in implementing research-based community extension programs of the college. It also serves to organize, scrutinize, and assess the extension services rendered by the various institutes/programs in the adopted communities of the college.


  1. To formulate and implement an effective mechanism for planning, policy-making, financing, management, monitoring and assessment of the CAES of the college;

  2. To build and enhance the technological capabilities for the faculty, staff and students for more effective CAES;

  3. To produce functionally literate, useful, self-reliant, and innovative citizens imbued with the values necessary to become effective members of the demographic society;

  4. To maximize the transfer of research-based technologies in the service areas.

Quality Management Development Office

Elisea A. Lorenton




QMDO envisions to embracing the quality management and sustainable system in the college as intruments for continuous improvement for quality services.


The office commits to deliver the standards of quality in order to sustain the Quality Management System of the college.


To implement quality management system in all operations of the college;

To maintain the standards and quality of education.


About the Office

QMDO assists the Office of Planning, Research and Extension in the development, implementation, recommendation and improvement of specific plans and activities for the Quality Management System (QMS) of the College. It also assumes a role in the college’s quality policy and objectives to ensure sustainability of the QMS in its operation in accordance with the standards.


  • Helps monitor and conducts review and verification on the institutional compliance with the current standards.

  • Assists the PRE office in planning and development.

  • Submits report to the planning, research and extension on the result of quality assurance reviews.

  • Helps in the program recognition and acts as forefront in institutional recognition, certification and accreditation.

Products and Services

  1. Quality Control - validates the services of all units to follow the quality standards set by regulatory bodies and accrediting agencies.

  2. Quality Assurance - implements and verifies the sustainable quality management systems.

  3. Quality Audit - reviews all policies, process and practices to fullfill quality management requirements.

  4. Training and Development - facilitates QMS training and development.

  5. Recognition and Accreditation - spearcheads any institutional recognition, certification and accreditation.