Vision Mission

By 2022, the Guidance and Admission Office of Governor Alfonso D. Tan College will become a leader in producing graduates who have the capacity to excel particularly in the attainment of their lifetime career, firmly guided by the College Core Values.

The Office of Guidance and Admission of Governor Alfonso D. Tan College aims to efficiently implement guidance and admission program that would assist and regulate the holistic formation of the clientele and continually widen personal and professional development of the guidance and admission personnel.

1. Advance the College’s retention efforts through selecting globally competitive students and institutional fit.
2. To assess data processing and procedures to make sure that information and services are accessible in a timely, accurate fashion.
3. To further the operational efficiency of the Office of Admission toward Orientation Program.
4. To enhance the personal and professional growth of the students and the adult community composed of the faculty members, administrators, and staff through relevant seminars and symposia.
5. To engage further in research work that are highly relevant to the needs and concerns of the community.
6. To extend Guidance and Testing services to neighboring institutions.
7. Continuing professional growth and development of the personnel.