Niel C. Enerio, JD

Vice President


The Office of the VP for Administration and Finance is a pervasively essential pillar of the institution in advancing its mission and vision where Faculty, Staff and Administration collaborate to create expansive opportunities that bridge students to their academic and life-long aspirations while promoting good governance through accountability and transparency to the College and the City.


1. Recommend recruitment, promotion of personnel.

2. Monitor and evaluate the performance of various offices.

3. Study, formulate and recommend financial management policies for the proper utilization of the financial and physical resources of the college.

4. Monitor financial transactions such as purchase.

5. Oversee and accurate the account of all income and expenditures.

6. Ascertain that all financial reports are audited annually.

7. Finallise the annual budget of the College consistent with Financial Management Protocol.

8. Perform other functions as the College President may assign.

Accounting Office

Jevanie C. Sanchez



The Accounting department, with the principle of service committed to God and the community, is an independent finance unit of GADTC with transparent, competent and timely accountability system and reports.


It shall take the lead in achieving a sound fiscal policy for GADTC through ensuring efficient and effective utilization of resources with credibility and accountability.


Channeled by its Vision-mission, the department is committed to the pursuit of the following goals:

1. Formulation, institutionalization and administration of a sound fiscal policy.

2. Promotion of an efficient and effective use of resources to meet its sustainability and income-generation programs.

3. Implementation of structural and policy reforms.

4. Timely reporting on the financial performance and financial position of GADTC.

5. Attainment of an online accounting system software in order to process necessary transactions.

About the Office

The Accounting department is GADTC’s steward of a sound fiscal policy. It is responsible for securing GADTC’s financial accountability through analyzing, recording, classifying, summarizing financial transactions with valid supporting documents and ultimately lead to timely interpretation of results that are useful for management decisions and policy formulations.

Budget Office

Vicente P. Bacus Jr.



The Budget Office envisions an efficient and effective utilization and allocation of resources of the College by adhering into best budget and management system.


The Budget Office is committed to:

Optimize the use of the College’s financial resources and provide timely relevant, and useful budget in information to the College and its constituents.


1. Supervises the implementation of the budget in the different institutes including their planning, accounting and internal audit.

2. Administers the budget of the College.

3. Evaluates and monitors expenditures of the College.

4. Performs other functions relating to accreditation, certification and recognition and others as assigned by higher authorities.

Cash Office

Helen P. Manaloto



To provide exceptional quality service to the college by providing timely and accurate billing to the students or parents and ensuring that payments and credit are received and properly applied to each student’s account.


Office of the Cashier provides cashiering services to the students with efficient, timely, professional, courteous and well-oriented manner. It is accomplished in accordance with the mission of GADTC by following the regulations of all appropriate governing agencies and by implementing sound financial procedures and control.


1. The office of the cashier strives to provide services to students that meet or exceed industry standards as compare to peer institution.

Services Description

About the Office

The College office of the Cahier serves as the collection center for student accounts receivable. Its primary purpose is to monitor the billing, receiving, depositing, and keeping records on students’ tuition fees and safeguarding the funds until deposited to the city treasure’s office.


* To receive and deposit students tuition fees and other school payments

* To safeguard the funds until deposited to the City Treasurer’s Office

Product and Services

The office of the cashier is responsible for receiving payment on students’ account.

Human Resource Office

Preachy Mae Esin



The Office of Human Resources aspires to balance organizational needs of the institution with the well-being of the individuals in the academic community by building clear and consistent HR solutions and provide reliable and timely information for the institution’s operational decisions and for the employees’ benefit.


Our mission supports Gov. Alfonso D. Tan College by ensuring human resources services, policies, and systems align with the institution’s values, strategy, and mission. It is best achieved by continuously researching, learning, developing, and delivering innovative results oriented service, policies, and systems for and with administrators, faculty, and staff.


1. Hire quality employees

2. Train new employees

3. Identify improvement needs

4. Provide fair compensation and benifits

5. Retain workers


About the Office

The Human Resource Office is primarily focused on maximizing employees’ productivity and keeping up to date with any laws that may affect both the institution and its employees. it utilizes modern approach of managing people in the institution which deals with combining physical energies and strenghts with human competencies.

Products and Services

  • Computation of Compensation and benefits

  • Training and development

  • Filling of leave of absences

  • Monitor employee performances

  • Monitor employees’ daily time record

  • Source and recruit for vacant positions

  • File and update employees’ records

  • Promotions


1. Recruitment and Placement

  • Coordinate with office needs in recruiting the best qualified employees and to maintian a pool of human resources according to the manpower requirement and planning of the institution.

2. Training and Development

  • Coordinate to the different offices and institute heads in identifying, planning, organising and overseeing appropriate faculty and staff training and development.

3. Compensation and Benifits

  • Implement and manage salary, bonus and benifits packages for the employees in the institution.

4. Records and Monitoring

  • Organize and file employees’ information that is received and generated by the institution.

College Information System Office

Fritzie Ann D. Florida



College Information System Office commits to deliver an efficient, relevant, accessible and excellent information, communication and technology services in support to the vision of the college.


The College Information System Office (CISO) is dedicated to provide innovative, quality, prompt, reliable and sustainable ICT solutions and services to the Administration, Faculty, Staff and Students, through a well-trained and responsive staff, aiming to establish and maintain an effective operational environment.

About the Office

The College Information System Office plans, develops, manages, monitors and maintains the hardware, software applications, systems network and integration of the college information system used in the processing of academic and financial records of students. Thus, the office is responsible in preserving the integrity, reliability and availability of data that concern with the students and extend up to the faculty, staff, the college and the community.

Medical & Dental Office

Francislee N. Famacion



Medical and Dental Services Office envisions in delivering primary medical and dental services to promote optimum condition of mind and body of the Alfonsos’ community.


Medical and Dental Services is committed to:

Provide of Quality health care to every member of the institution to ensure that educational potential will not be hampered by unmet health needs; and endeavor to promote activities and programs to enforce proper preventive medicine and awareness of good health practices.


1. To inform the Alfonso Community of the services of the office;

2. To give awareness of good health practices;

3. To promote ways of maintaining wellness of health;

4. To provide healthcare with standards; and

5. To provide Dental care with standards.

Programs and Services

1. Quality health care services to the students:

a. Assists the CHO for medical and dental check-up

b. First aid treatments

c. Medicines for common ailments

d. Medical referrals(for complicated health problems) Clinic hours: Monday to Friday 8:00-5:00 pm

2. Alfonsos Insurance Program

3. Medical Certificates/Drug test Permit/Waiver

4. Excuse slip (If related to health problem)

5. Health Education Program

6. Sanitation and Wellness Program

Supply & Property Management Office

Marites J. Alota



A responsible Custodian of the College supply and property, a competent and dependable office for the proper allocation and efficient use of resources.


The mission of the office is to distribute, disseminate and deliver supplies, materials and equipment competently and promptly; accurately document, record and file the same; and conduct regular inventory, supervision and monitoring of such supplies, materials and equipment.


Purchasing officers are responsible for obtaining and managing sources of supply for the products and services the College requires to operate. To identify supplier that offer the best service, purchasing officers set and monitor goals for quality, cost, value and reliability. They also set goals to improve the efficiency and cost of purchasing within their own organization.

About the Office

The office of the Supply and Property Management is the overall in charge in the acquisition of new properties and supplies, its utilization and the disposition of unserviceable or no longer needed supply of the College.


1. Receive requisition from different offices related to Supplies and equipment

2. Monitor in-coming and out-going supplies

3. Regular Inventory of supplies and property(quarterly)

4. Submit reports to the Office of VP for Administrative Affairs

5. Safe keeping of all Memorandum Receipts

6. In-charge of Togas Distribution in every graduation (March & October)

Product and Services

1. Office Supplies and Equipment

2. Effective and Efficient Quality of Service

3. Serve our Client Effectively and Efficiently