Dr. Noriel B. Erap

Vice President


The Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs takes a leadership role in the development of human talent by forming and developing a supportive, challenging academic culture.


The Office of the VP for Academic Affiars aims for the development, growth and quality of all academic programs and academic services.

About the Office

The Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs is responsible in reviewing academic policies, research, academic community extension, developing academic standards, setting the direction of the academic advancement, and reviewing of students programs and policies.


A. Coordinates and oversees faculty recruitment;

B. Provides leadership and direct supervision to those reporting to the VP for Academic Affairs;

C. Encourages and assists faculty in applying for scholarship grants;

D. Supervises the work of the Institute Deans and those who are in-charge of academic services.

Office of the Student Affairs

John Rayman P. Pondoc, MED



Envisioned an academe-based student affairs and development resource committted to develop Alfonsos full potential by promoting enriched spirituality, responsible leadership, bridge campus and community through creative engagement for social transformation.


To ensure the development and implementation of programs, projects, activities and services for students’ holistic development with a sense of social responsiblity and uphold the Core values of the college.


1. Design and implement comprehensive programs that support the development and welfare of the students;

2. Provide an opportunity for intellectual, social, physical and cultural experiences;

3. Give emotional, spiritual, moral and ethical guidance;

4. Promote active participation in school and community activities and individuality; and

5. Promote responsible students and or student-leaders of the College.


Student Development

  • Student Activities
  • Leadership Programs
  • Office Campus Experiential Learning Activites
  • Life Long Learning Activities
  • Student Seminars/Orientation/Awareness Programs
  • Student Sports Development Programs
  • Accreditation/Re-Accreditation of Student Organizations
  • Activity Permit and Permit to Utilize Campus Facilities and Equipment
  • Socio-Cultural Programs
  • Recognition of Alfonsos Award of Excellence and Extra-Curricullar Awards
  • GADTC Leadership Awards
  • Student Discipline
  • Student Publication/Yearbook
  • Student Handbook Developmemnt
Student Welfare
  • Information and Awareness
  • Guidance and Counselling Services
  • Career and Job Placement Services
Institutional Student Programs and Services
  • Admission Services
  • Release of Clearance
  • Scholarship and Financial Assistance
  • Food Services
  • Health Services
  • Student Housing or Residential Services
  • Multi-Faith Services/Retreat and Recollection
  • Services to Student with Special Needs and PWDs

Learning Resource Center

Joseph D. Oniot, RL



The Gov. Alfonso D. Tan College library will be fully adequate and responsive library resources that provide excellent services to faculty, students, staff, researchers and other clientele with full budgetary support from the administration.


It is the mission of the College Library to acquire, organize and make readily available collections and electronic resources that support the instructional research and service goals of all library users. The College Library will develop, sustain and preserve updated library resources available and useful to the library users.


The primary goal of Gov. Alfonso D. Tan College Learning Resource Center is to provide access to information in all formats in order to support the teaching learning, research and personal growth of its clientele. With this, the Library will be responsive to clients’ needs, enrich their lives, advance their careers and makes them to become lifelong learners and more responsible citizens.


Academic Program and Instruction

  • To establish a culture of excellence among students and teachers.

Student Services

  • Provide excellent and efficient support services for optional student learning.

Human Resource Development

  • Enhance the institute’s human resource capability and promote employee


  • Borrowing/Returning of library materials

  • Booking of AVR

  • Processing of newly library materials

  • Statistics of usage of library materials

  • Statistics of library attendance

College Registrar’s Office

Niel C. Enerio, MPA



The Office of the College Registrar aspires to be a department of professional excellence that supports the teaching and learning mission of GADTC by providing essential services to students, alumni, faculty, staff and the general public.


The Office of the College Registrar anchors its mission on the Alfonsos core values as it upholds integrity, compassion and excellence in providing optimum and quality service delivery that responds to legitimate requests for information and services as quickly and accurately as possible.


1. Maintain the integrity of all core functions;

2. Develop staff to progress in the desired career that leads to an enjoyable productive and stimulating workplace;

3. Collaborate and engage with the community;

4. Continuously support the teaching and learning mission of GADTC.


About the Office

  • The Registrar’s Office contributes to the mission of the college by providing administrative, academic and logistical support for the College’s curriculum, reinforcing its academic policies, maintaining the integrity of its institutional and educational records, and facilitating a culture that preserves the values of the College and its community.


  • Plans, implements and evaluates policies relative to registration, scheduling of courses, data recording and storage of student records.

  • Manages operation of all office activities.

  • Plans and executes the registration

  • Examines admission credentials

  • Implements admission and retention policies

  • Determines admission course requirements, transfers, graduation and other matters pertaining to student accounting

  • Orients students on academic policies, rules and regulations

  • Determines subject load and subject sequences

  • Ascertains compliance of requirements including removal of incomplete Grades

  • Enforces graduation requirements

  • Prepares and submits records of candidates for graduation

  • Issues certificates, grades, records, release transfer credentials, clearance and diplomas

  • Receives, processes and dispatches records or transcript of record of both active and inactive students

  • Controls flow, safety and security of files and records

  • Keeps files and records up-to-date

  • Attends to correspondence regarding school records and other information

  • Supervises accurate recording of data in student’s records

  • Directs reconstruction of lost or missing records

  • Attends to transactions with government offices or agencies regarding matters related to functions of the office

  • Assumes responsibility for all documents signed or certified by him/her

  • Resolves questions on academic policies and regulation and student records

  • To respond to request for statistical data emanating from government, other external agencies and within the State College

  • To provide staff support to facilitate the formulation and implementation of strategic and operational planning for the Institution and also its Accreditation.

  • Periodically reviews and improves present systems and procedures.

  • Request the needed equipment and supplies

  • Maintains linkages with other registrar’s in connection with student records and registrars concerns.

  • Oversees the proper use, maintenance, control and safe keeping of property and equipment of the office.

  • Designs and revises form needed for the registrar’s use and transaction.

  • Assists in the revision of curricula and Student Handbook, Faculty Manual, etc.