All Fourth Year and Graduating Students as of May 2022.

Category: Administration

The Office of the College Registrar is pleased to inform you that the Online Application for Evaluation is now OPEN. Kindly do the following as needed:

(1) Save the forms below. (2) Open with MS Word. (3) Complete all required fields. (4) Save. (5) Close MS Word then re-open to ensure that the content you filled out has been saved. (6) Submit it via online to the official email account of the Registrar’s Office: not later than January 04, 2022.

Here are the links:

Application for Evaluation Form:

Deficiency Form:

Further, your accomplished Application for Evaluation and Deficiency Form is a requirement for enrolment this Second Semester, Academic Year 2021-2022. NO ACCOMPLISHED APPLICATION FOR EVALUATION AND DEFICIENCY FORM, NO ENROLLMENT!

Just disregard this advisory if you have already filed an updated deficiency form (accomplished and verified). Thank you!

Please be guided accordingly.

Important Announcement

Adjustment Enrollment Schedule

Here are the steps for Enrollment, First Semester, Academic Year 2022-2023