Envisioned an academe-based student affairs and development resource committted to develop Alfonsos full potential by promoting enriched spirituality, responsible leadership, bridge campus and community through creative engagement for social transformation.


To ensure the development and implementation of programs, projects, activities and services for students’ holistic development with a sense of social responsiblity and uphold the Core values of the college.


1. Design and implement comprehensive programs that support the development and welfare of the students;

2. Provide an opportunity for intellectual, social, physical and cultural experiences;

3. Give emotional, spiritual, moral and ethical guidance;

4. Promote active participation in school and community activities and individuality; and

5. Promote responsible students and or student-leaders of the College.

About the Office

The Registrar’s Office contributes to the mission of the college by providing administrative, academic and logistical support for the College’s curriculum, reinforcing its academic policies, maintaining the integrity of its institutional and educational records, and facilitating a culture that preserves the values of the College and its community.


Student Development

  • Student Activities
  • Leadership Programs
  • Office Campus Experiential Learning Activites
  • Life Long Learning Activities
  • Student Seminars/Orientation/Awareness Programs
  • Student Sports Development Programs
  • Accreditation/Re-Accreditation of Student Organizations
  • Activity Permit and Permit to Utilize Campus Facilities and Equipment
  • Socio-Cultural Programs
  • Recognition of Alfonsos Award of Excellence and Extra-Curricullar Awards
  • GADTC Leadership Awards
  • Student Discipline
  • Student Publication/Yearbook
  • Student Handbook Developmemnt
Student Welfare
  • Information and Awareness
  • Guidance and Counselling Services
  • Career and Job Placement Services
Institutional Student Programs and Services
  • Admission Services
  • Release of Clearance
  • Scholarship and Financial Assistance
  • Food Services
  • Health Services
  • Student Housing or Residential Services
  • Multi-Faith Services/Retreat and Recollection
  • Services to Student with Special Needs and PWDs