Guidance Services

A systematic process of collecting, recording, and utilizing information about each student to identify the personalities and capacities of every client for future references.

This consists of accumulation and dissemination of information about the different guidance activities, vocational opportunities, and educational information for better adjustment and personal growth.

It refers to the administration, scoring and interpretation of standardized psychological to gather adequate and reliable data about the student’s intellectual capacity, aptitudes, potentials, problem checklist, interests and personality.

Ensures that the personal, social, academic, career, and other concerns of the students are given enough attention.

Students, faculty, professionals, and staff can refer and consult on how to assist members of the GADTC community who may be facing difficulties at the present.

Series of seminars, workshops, and/or lectures that may help students develop life skills and have access to information on strategies that may enable them to function effectively.

  • Releasing of Good Moral certificates
  • Releasing of student’s clearance
  • Boarding House Accreditation