SINAG Upholds New Alfonsos

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LUX MUNDI. New Alfonsos uniting for a bigger light through SINAG

By Veronica Laranjo


By implementing Starter-pack Initiatives for New Alfonsos Generation (SINAG) for the first time, Gov. Alfonso D. Tan College (GADTC) through the Supreme Student Council (SSC) welcomed new Alfonsos generation, August 1-2.

The said activity was conducted at Sinanduloy Cultural Center, Tangub City which aimed to impart awareness on what the students should do in the campus.

In an interview, John Rayman Pondoc, head of the Student Development and Activities, hoped that the activity was worthy and it brought pleasure and enough information to the freshmen.

“As assigned to create an activity, it is my objectives that it will be successful and it will meet the expected goal,” he uttered. “So I wish it could be a good start of their journey in this institution. I am glad if they have knowledge printed in their minds on what they should do during and along their way in GADTC.”

According to Aralicia T. Bolisig, Governor of SSC, she believed that SINAG would be a great help to achieve peaceful and harmonious environment during the first day of school.

“The most common problem of students during their first day is the rooms, they have a hard time looking for it that sometimes they might miss their first class,” she said. “Thus conducting the SINAG, they will be given the chance to tour around the campus and familiarize their rooms.

Bolisig added that the activity was a way to attain unity among students in the different institutes and according to her also, it was the time to recognize their instructors. 

“Through this activity, the freshmen will be acquainted with their classmates that sooner will become their close friends in their entire college life,”Bolisig said.

Meanwhile, SSC also prepared Search for Sinag Tala 2019 whom the winner will be the ambassador and ambassadress of their specific institutions. Jasper Lloyd Taoto-an from Institute of Senior High School and Charo Mae Pahayahay from Institute of Arts and Sciences hailed as Mr, and Miss SINAG Tala 2019.

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