GADTC continues to provide quality education amid Pandemic

Published: 2020-08-17                 Category: General |

The administration of Gov. Alfonso D. Tan College (GADTC) employs new normal alternative learning plans and modifications to aid the education of the students and protect them from the global socio-economic and health crisis, starting this Academic Year (A.Y.) 2020-2021.

Abiding to the recommendations and policies of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Higher Education Institutions (HEI) must modify their academic system; apply necessary learning options to continue to deliver quality education amid pandemic.

The college will also adopt the Block System during the start of classes. Block System is a modification wherein a semester is divided into two blocks with 9 weeks for each half. Therefore, half of the students’ courses will be completed in the first half and the remaining courses in the second half. Exemptions of this are courses that can’t be completed within 9 weeks such as thesis and demonstrations for Education students.

In order to continue students’ learning needs during this new normal, the school will adopt a flexible learning system that is a combination of online and offline modalities, as well as synchronous and asynchronous learning activities.

However, face-to-face or in-campus classes will be conducted occasionally for Laboratory, General Education, Professional and major courses.

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