GADTC reaps Grand Champion in HECBOL Filmmaking contest

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“In a diversely blessed community, understanding one another is the core value of humanity. “Puhon” is a showcase of hope, love, and faith to everyone who dreams of a better society,” caption on the winning film entry on the filmmaking contest of the Higher Education in the Context of Bangsamoro Organic Law (HECBOL) Project, as they celebrated the founding anniversary of the ASEAN, August 31, via YouTube and Facebook live.

The celebration of the 53rd Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) brought forth a celebration of unity despite differences and hope in between the trying times. Among the thirty three (33) participants who took part in the contest, only 17 have qualified and Gov. Alfonso D. Tan College (GADTC) emerged triumphantly from the rest. The winning participant of the contest who represented the school, Krizzia Mae Monte, snatches the grand champion accompanied by the screenplay writers, Glydel R. Abella and Rea Sofia L. Ramos; with their film adviser, Mr. Nimrod L. Rosauro, who of collaborative effort, brought about pride and honor of the recognition to the institution.

First founded on August 8, 1967, the ASEAN started with Philippines as one of its pioneering members alongside with four other countries. This annual event was celebrated this year with the theme, “Innovations in Higher Education Towards a Cohesive and Responsive ASEAN,” which exhibits the ASEAN’s mission since it was created, to promote political and economic cooperation and regional stability among member-countries.

As most countries became chaotic during the birth of the pandemic, economic standing and resilience of the ASEAN countries especially Philippines, downgraded to a high percentage. This is what the short film “Puhon” showed off—that there is light even in the darkness of the world when we are being greatly challenged. “Puhon”, a bisaya term for “someday”, displayed oneness in spite of cultural differences and cohesiveness amid the pandemic. It also showed that albeit many have been suffering, we can give them a hopeful tomorrow in their seemingly worst situation through kindness. Cooperation, nonetheless, lies by standing by them at moments when life knocks them way harder than any political and societal issues ever before experienced.

Though there were some problems that inferred along the making of the film, however it was completely made by embodying the heart of what ASEANs must be, encrypted within the mind-set of an Alfonso. The meaningful keywords showed in the video summarize the many reasons why we are part of the ASEAN—the purpose we hold in our hands and the future that we wish to make together. We are the ASEANs and we shape life and young minds towards a time beyond us that we desire witnessing. We are one in this great feat and our diversity only gives us thousand ways to solve our problems together.

Events and contests like these give opportunity for students to show the country, and the world, not just their talents and skills but also the passion of their hearts, commitment and dedication to bring a light to the world.

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