GADTC honors teachers amidst pandemic

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Upon celebrating World Teacher's Day, Gov. Alfonso D. Tan College (GADTC) awarded teachers various recognitions and received messages from the administration and students through a Facebook page live last October 14.

Jennifer W. Tan, Chairman of the GADTC Board of Trustees (BOT), extended her greetings to all the college teachers.

"On this extraordinary occasion, I would like to greet every teacher in GADTC, a happy teachers' day," the Tangub City Mayor said. "Know that you have a special place in my heart, as well as in the heart of our government; and the same as in the heart of every Filipino family. As teachers, we know that we age, and as we age, remember that it is not by the years that we count it, but also by how many friends that we have made and in our life; it is the smiles that we have shared to everyone, to our students and also to our co-workers and not just the tears that we have shed. As teachers, how do we count our years in service?... it is not just by the books and remembers; it is how many lives you have changed and transformed as teachers."

The Students' Choice Awards 2020 included Social Media Fairy (Clint Joy M. Quije), Most Liked Online Teacher (Dave Fernandez), Most Considerate Online Teacher (Rosnani Pamaybay), Tech Savvy Teacher of the College (Mark Joren Caberos), Online Kilay on Fleek Awardee (Jofe Marie Cabal), The Early Bird Teacher (Joseph Seclot), The Most Approachable Teacher (Romel Bryan Acmad), E-mazing Teacher (Rhea Jean Entervencion), The Tiktokerist of the Year Dance Category (Clint Joy M. Quije), The Tiktokerist of the Year Singing Category (Elton John Embodo), The Teacher Crush Male Awardee (Christino Gerona), The Teacher Crush Female Awardee (Jamaica Ferraren), The Best-Dressed Online Teacher Male Awardee (Jay Stephen Mondong), The Best-Dressed Online Teacher Female Awardee (Liza Mae Reroma), Coolest Teacher Awardee (John Rayman Pondoc), Walking Wikipedia Award (Mary Honey Quilab), Green Guru Award (Rosalina Loquias), Class Clown Award (Edryl Emong), The Best Official Facebook Page (Official Facebook Page of GADTC), Stone Age Award for Faculty (Rene N. Charet), and Stone Age Award for Staff (Marites Alota).

Meanwhile, Dr. Noriel B. Erap, Vice President for Academic Affairs, also gave his insights and messages to all the teachers. He thanked the teachers for all their efforts, cooperation, and best to deliver quality education despite this pandemic.

"Happy Teachers' Day to all of us," Erap said. "I believe that we, teachers, are one of the key societal members who can make a difference because our profession creates all other professions. I know that we are challenged to perform our academic functions and duties due to this new normal caused by this pandemic. With that, I thank you for extending your patience and for understanding our students and now let us continue to be the light of the world."

In the same way, Niel C. Enerio, Vice President for Administration and Finance, encouraged everyone to continue to help, understand, and uplift one another, especially in these times.

"Happy Teachers' Day to all the dedicated, hardworking and innovative teachers of GADTC," she said. "Thank you so much, ma'am/sir, for extending above and beyond your call of duty to ensure that the quality education of our dear Alfonsos is not hampered. Please know that your commitment goes beyond the foremost of your classroom or your 'virtual classroom.' Furthermore, we, from the admin sector, will strive hard to provide and assist your needs to surpass this challenging time."

Similarly, Dr. Maricelle M. Nueva, Vice President for Planning, Quality Management, and External Affairs, expressed her gratitude to all teachers who ensure that quality education is still being provided to the Alfonsos despite this present pandemic.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the education system, creating a new environment for learners, parents, and teachers alike," Nueva said. "The normal school setup that we are used to, like face-to-face interactions with students and gatherings with fellow teachers, is something we cannot have at the moment. Nevertheless, I salute you, teachers, for being so innovative and creative. Our dear faculty in GADTC,  you play a huge role not just in the success of our students in their chosen career but also in life."

The recipients from the Students' Choice Awards 2020 received tokens and certificates from the College.

On the other hand, John Rayman Pondoc, Head of Students Activities and Development, gave his closing remarks, leaving an appreciation for those who helped and made the event successful.

"The Office of Students Activities and Development, together with the Office of Student Affairs, would like to thank everyone who participated and witnessed our Alfonsos' World Teachers' Day Celebration 2020," he said. "This event will not be possible without the help of our students that will always be with us in our endeavors. The Students' Choice Awards will not be successful without the votes cast by our students, messages, and greetings to all our deserving, dedicated, and honored teachers. Truly, it is an honor to be the liaison between the students and the administration."

Students commented on their names and programs in the comment section during the celebration for their attendance.

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