Search for new GADTC President continues

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Three qualified candidates for Gov. Alfonso D. Tan College presidency shared their objectives through public forum via zoom and Facebook live, November 5.

The three qualified candidates were Dr. Joel Dagot, Dr. Maricelle Nueva, and Dr. Noriel Erap.

Dr. Dagot focused his vision on delivering quality education for total human development through preserving and strengthening the environmental, cultural, traditional, and spiritual values. He also highlighted his mission that GADTC will unravel the utmost challenges of the 21st century.

He also made an acronym he called “RIPE” for his goals: Research, Instruction, Production, and Extension. While the acronym HEART, for his core values, stands for Honesty, Excellence, Action-oriented, Results-oriented, and Trust.

On the other hand, Dr. Nueva emphasized the importance of family ties and community engagement.

"I believe we can never be an effective leader, especially a presidential in the academe, if our family and community service and engagement is unstable. We can only influence people to do good and do the right thing if they see in us the passion and spirit to become who are, what we are, and who we are for, " she said

Her mission and vision have a touch of the current mission and vision of the  College; however, her goal focused on the instruction, research, extension and governance, and administration of the institution.

Meanwhile, Dr. Erap emphasized his vision of the College to become an eco-tourism and learning center by producing globally competitive and ethically-oriented citizens responsive to the community's growth and development needs.

In his mission, he wanted the faculty and staff to engage in the advances of academic merit through relevant programs and instructions and research-based competencies that are beneficial for the students.

Furthermore, the event was attended by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Region X Director, Raul Alvarez Jr., the chairperson of the Board of Trustees of GADTC, Dr. Jennifer W. Tan, and the representatives for the different sectors of the City and the College.

Henceforth, this forum will be followed by an exclusive interview for the candidates on November 6.

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