OSA initiates ‘Kumustahan with Alfonsos’ series

Published: 2020-11-17                 Category: Academic Affairs |

Gov. Alfonso D. Tan College (GADTC)–Office of Student Affairs launched a “Kumustahan with Alfonsos” series, a program that aimed to cater to students' needs, especially in this time pandemic; the last series took place in November of this year.

Mr. John Rayman P. Pondoc, Head of the Student Development and Activities, said in an online interview that this program started in the second semester of the last academic year, in place of the pandemic's adverse effects the students.

"Mainly, the pandemic brought us to this activity because we aimed to come up with a program that will enable us to reach to our students, knowing that we are in this challenging time," Mr. Pondoc said.

This program initially started in April this year, during the pandemic outbreak. The ”Kumustahan with Students” series reached out to students through Facebook lives, Zoom meetings, calls, and texts.

"As one of the Head of the Student Services, I realized that there are a lot of things that we need to address and attend to most especially in this time when students and teachers are still adjusting to the New Normal," he explained. "I realized how important  proper communication and guidance is  to our students."

Additionally, as the Office of Student Affairs and other offices concerning student services work on this program together, they have also extended their service to other platforms such as airing live in the local radio station. Teachers and staff were allowed to talk to the students and facilitate the said program.

"Aside from reaching out (to students), we will also consolidate all of their concerns, clarifications, questions, and queries, and feedback for a check-up and follow-ups," he stated.

Student leaders were also present on one or more episodes of the series, which shared and inspired other Alfonsos who was going through a lot. Feedback and responses of the students were recorded and assessed through filling out the Google Forms from the facilitating offices.

"With this program, we were able to know the current situations of the students either in their living spaces, at home, or wherever they were staying at," Mr. Pondoc advocated.

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