GADTC rejoices as overall champion in Pueblos De Las Flores

Published: 2021-05-31                 Category: Arts and Culture |

GADTC triumphed as overall champion over fifteen other clusters who joined the Peblos De Las Flores competition, May 31, 2021.

Pueblos De Las Flores competition, opened on May 1, was a contest of the most bedecked cluster in the Christmas Village. The top 15 clusters who won the competition were: Cluster 15 (GADTC), Cluster 3, Cluster 9, Cluster 4, Cluster 2, Cluster 11, Cluster 14, Cluster 1, Cluster 5, Cluster 16, Cluster 7, Cluster 6, Cluster 10, Cluster 8, and a Cluster 12.

This was one of the nine (9) competitions that the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Tangub has designed to celebrate the Sobremesa Summer Fair 2021, after being unable to celebrate it last year due to the onset of the pandemic.

This achievement was made because of the collective effort of GADTC President Dr. Maricelle M. Nueva and the Vice Presidents of the College, Mr. Rodolfo Apat Reyes Jr., Engr. Erwin E. Lacpao Kristine Petiluna, the support team: OSA Team, GSO Team, Association of GADTC Employees, Security Team, and the rest of the faculty and staff of the College.

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