Institute of Business and Financial Services participates the 4th BMAP Mindanao Summit 2023 held at Davao City

Published: 2023-08-26                 Category: Academic Affairs | IBFS

Twelve (12) TCGC IBFS Students and Student Leaders together with three (3) faculty members and with the Assistant Dean of the Institute, Prof. Felvys J. Corpuz, participated this year’s Business Management Association in the Philippines (BMAP) - Mindanao Summit on August 24-25, 2023 at the University of Immaculate Concepcion -Davao City which was also participated by atleast twenty (20) participating colleges and universities in Mindanao.

In a remarkable showcase of talent and prowess, students from TCGC - IBFS made their mark by winning two (2) awards.  The event witnessed an exceptional performance of our BMAP Ambassador Mr. Kim Kenneth Enot & Ms. Nikki Mabelle Sanoy, who secured the title of Miss BMAP Ambassadress 2nd Runner-Up, capturing hearts with her grace and confidence.

Adding to the victory, the dynamic duo of John Grey Eroy and Vincy Kaye Omaña emerged as the BMAP Got Talent Champion , proving their exceptional talents and captivating the audience. Furthermore, Mariel Tag-ulo, Mary Jane Ganiolon, and Danny Boy Dela Cerna exhibited their strategic prowess in the BMAP Business Plan category. Likewise, Johny Gamolo showcased his musical talents and resonated with the audience in the BMAP Singing Competition.

The Institute sincerely thanks Mayor BEN Canama and the Asenso Administration for their utmost support in sending the students and faculty members with these development activities and securing the safety of the participants by letting them use the City vehicle despite of other obligations. IBFS is grateful to the effort of our very hardworking College President Dr. Maricelle Nueva  alongside with the college administrators for utmost support in realizing this activity.

These achievements serve as a testament to the dedication and hard work of the participants, as well as the institution's role in shaping future leaders.

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